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Reclaiming Dopeness

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

A word on dopeness. I had a hard time coming around to defining a word that expresses admiration and gives props all at the same time. Dopeness is an energy that manifests itself when the stars align and one’s ability to be exceptional is giving them a glow. It’s easy to acknowledge in art or music because creative arts evoke emotion, music can teleport me to a time and place many years past. In that moment every sense is reliving the smells, tastes, sights, sounds, and vibes I felt when the memory and that song were bonded together and tucked into my memory bank. Music gives me all the feels. Like when you hear a song and you have to know who the artist is immediately so you can put it on repeat and start looking for tickets to the live show.

There is another place that dopeness lives, often hidden and unacknowledged.

Dopeness resides in the friend who knows when to be your hype (wo)man, gives you life with all the right photo angles, and knows when to you tell you that you’ve gone too far and proceeds to check you out of love.

Dopeness is the administrator or academic advisor who allows you register for a class that’s closed because it’s the only one that fits your already packed schedule and keeps you on track for graduation.

Dopeness lives in the people who have suffered their own loss or ego blow but still find a way to push through their hurt to be genuinely happy for you when your shine moment comes.

Dopeness is an entrepreneur developing a business that serves an under represented community while building wealth for themselves and others.

Dopeness is a trail blazer who doesn’t see anyone that looks like them in their field but with talent, passion, preparation and advocacy reach the top and pave a way for others.

Dopeness is within you. Let it push through so you can own it in every room you are in. Start with a confident smile followed by words and actions layered with depth and substance and let the dopeness flow.

Dopeness is two steps above great, more sincere than fantastic, and spot on to acknowledge the emotion evoking person, place, or thing in your life.

I only ask that you don’t waste using the word “Dopeness” on things that have not earned it, like anything from a chain restaurant or built on a foundation of exclusion.

We all have what it takes to be dope! I’m dope because… I am self-aware, honest, generous and savvy. I own when I am wrong and apologize. I want the best for people and from people. I refuse to dim my light, I’d rather inspire people to shine brighter. I represent a threat to the incumbent because the system has kept them protected while my entire story is laced with people under estimating what I am capable of!

Women are often encouraged to make themselves small and stand in the shadows so that others can stand in the spotlight. We are told that humility will make people more comfortable. Humility has a place but so does owning your dopeness. You will thank me later, say the words I am dope because… and tell me why you are dope in the comments section. I can’t wait to personally respond to each of you.

This post may have spoken to you directly or someone may have come to mind who needs to recognize or be reminded of how dope they are. Share this blog with them and point them in my direction. DM me @_GemsfortheJourney_ on Instagram or Email me at

Now that you have a few new gems let me help you apply them to your unique journey in life or career. Each of us has what it takes to be great. Let’s connect, so we can work together to build your capacity to unlock greatness within you.

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