Leah Murphy

Certified Professional Coach

About Our Founder

Leah Murphy, Principal Career Coach at Gems for Journey Coaching LLC. is a capacity builder and career coach located in Philadelphia PA. She has spent 15 years in corporate America honing her skills as a thought leader and coach while molding the careers of talented individuals in a range of fields including academia, non profit, Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurs.  Leah is an expert coach with a game changing process that delivers exceptional results. She believes that intentional actions that invest in people first and process second will lead to exceptional outcomes. This has been proven time and time again in her 10+ years of capacity building and coaching. Leah serves as a natural connector who applies a combination of logic, emotional intelligence, and passion to each cultivated coaching experience.  

"Compelling customized coaching to equip people with the tools and confidence to plan for and achieve their version of success."

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