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Triumphs in the Trenches:

Navigating Success for Black Professionals

If you’ve been looking for ways to thrive — or some days just survive — as a Black professional in majority white work spaces, this book is for you.

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This anthology shines a light on the realities many Black professionals face in the workplace. Despite the challenges, these stories illustrate how to rise above. break cycles of workplace trauma, empower yourself, find fulfillment in your careers, and lift as you climb.

Uncover Systemic Workplace PRACTICES

Understand covert and overt discrimination facing Black employees through first-hand accounts

GET Practical Strategies to Challenge the Status Quo

Read how these professionals took on systemic oppression using hard-won wisdom

LEARN Pathways to Empowerment Through Mindset Shifts

Discover the importance of mental resilience and get tips you can implement immediately

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Order Perks

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Free 30-minute 1-1 coaching session

Signed copy of book

Order for $29 + free shipping

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“When I unchained myself from other’s definition of success my life and career changed for the better.”

—Leah C. Murphy


Leah C. Murphy

As a certified professional career coach, sought after speaker and bestselling author located in Philadelphia, PA, Leah is thrilled to add co-author anthologist to her experience. Leah is the President of Career Gems for the Journey, a boutique consultancy focused on supporting professionals to build thriving careers through strategy and calculated risk taking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What form will the book be made available?

The book will be available in hard back.

Is it safe to order books online? How do I know I’ll receive my copy?

Order worry-free through our secured payment site. Upon the book's release, orders will ship to the provided address. You will also receive order confirmations and tracking information when available.

When will I be charged for my order?

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You will be charged immediately for the order. We will notify you when it’s released and mail it to the address you provided.

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Order for $29 + free shipping

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