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Level Up: The Modern Harvest

In this autumn season, our ancestors would be stockpiling the harvest and preparing for the cold winter ahead. This cycle was essential for their survival and represented a way of life that is not widely practiced in modern living, but there is some wisdom we can take from it today. What provisions are you making to sustain yourself through this season or preparations to be even better in a few short months?

I have decided to invest my time in preparing for the next level in my life. I don’t know exactly what the next level will look like. I do know God has given me a vision to work towards; a vision that I believe is mine and will come into focus as I get closer to it. For the record, these preparations have little to do with my outside appearance, even though I keep a rolling list of the clothes that will look oh so fly on me when I am spending my hard-earned c-suite money. Not to mention how I will have even more bounce in my step when I reach my body goals, but that is for another post.

I am stockpiling three things as I put my seeds in the ground to later harvest when the time is right:

1. Articulating and selling my key points of differentiation that represent the highest level of authenticity because… why try to blend in when I was made to stand out?

2. Sustaining existing relationships, identifying areas that are weak and optimizing for my growth by spending more time with people that challenge me to be better.

3. Practicing affirmations and positive self-talk as I speak life into my dreams. I need others to bet on me, but only after they know that I’ve bet on myself.

Take inventory of you. What do you want to harvest and reap the benefits of this time next year? A promotion, a successful semester, a certification, a personal savings goal, a better investment portfolio, a career milestone? How can you take the first step towards it? Don’t wait for the New Year’s Eve ball to drop to get focused. Let what you see others harvesting today in the news, in your network, and on social media inspire you to start putting in the work for your harvest in years to come. Now is the time to decide what seeds you are going to plant and the pot that you will put them in. Let’s use this platform to be accountability buddies, we can remind one another of the potential harvest that resides in our future.

If this sparked something in you but you are not sure how to put it together, I can help. Email me at

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