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Insecure watchers... These gems are for you (Part 2)

Aparna was a great accountability partner for Lawrence. She was observant and candid about what he was doing well and what was holding him back. We all need a coworker to give us honest feedback about our work and how we show up. You will elevate your career faster if you have someone to hold up a mirror to show you your blind spots. Here’s the gem… If you don’t have an Accountability Partner at work, get one. Think of someone who is in some of the same meetings as you, or someone who is familiar with your work and company culture. It's important that you can trust them to tell you when you are crushing it and when you show up flat. Make it official, send them a note telling them that you are looking to build your self-awareness and you need their help. Ask for honest feedback on a consistent basis. This is obvious but worth stating, do something with the feedback, use it to improve your approach and up your game.

Condola was a sponsor for Issa, she brought her into rooms and conversations she would have otherwise been left out of. Here’s the gem… we don’t rise from hard work and exceptional results alone. Every single one of us needs sponsors to speak about us and our work as real assets when we are not present. Sponsorship elevates careers. As the esteemed Carla Harris says “A sponsor is spending their political capital on your behalf.” Take a moment to evaluate do you have a sponsor? Are you being a sponsor?

If you need help developing a sponsorship relationship so that you can accelerate getting to the next level in your career, I can coach you through it. Go to and book a free 20-minute consultation or email me at

Check out more career gems on the Career Gems for the Journey Podcast available on all listening platforms.

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