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Insecure watchers... These gems are for you (Part 1)

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I have a secret... I am a nerd for HBO’s Insecure. I watch it every week and when it's not on, I re-watch old episodes. I’m a huge fan of the show for the way they display authentic friendship between black women and the care taken in the way they convey the truest elements of black culture. I am definitely holding back from geeking out geeking out! I'll just say Issa Rae, Natasha Rothwell and Yvonne Orji I LOVE YOU…so much so that I am writing this post to blend my love of Insecure and my love of career coaching into one. As an expert career coach my ears are always perked to find new gems for my clients. I know there are recaps everywhere but none from the point of view of someone who coaches executives and emerging leaders on finding their version of success, here's the hot take!

My girl Molly is ambitious and committed to putting wins on the board. When she went to the partners to ask for more money and a promotion, she had a list of accomplishments on the ready. I call this the “Why Y’all Need ME List”. This list can act as your receipts if you are doing what Molly did asking for more money, a promotion or a special project but it also builds your confidence in your work and lays a foundation for “low key bragging”. Here is the gem… if you don’t have a “Why Y’all Need ME List “start one today. If you are having a hard time getting started go back through 3 months of old emails and find every one where someone complimented your work. This is your jumping off point for you documenting your accomplishments and getting ready for internal or external discussions about the value you bring to the company.

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