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Come through 2019…

Behind every great woman, there is a group chat hyping her up and holding her down.

Bringing you Gems from the group chat – In the words of my talented and visionary boo thang Natalie Dean, Founder of Whine and Cheese LLC, “Be a woman that other women can trust.”

As you count down to the end of 2018, take a minute to reflect and savor the best parts and give the rest a side eye. Remember what I told you about harvest… Think about your time as seeds and your resources as water. What you invest your time and resources in reflects who you are and what you care about, life also shows us that those are the only things you can expect a harvest from. Every stage of my life has taught me that how I spend my time is the most valuable thing in my control. As someone who played and coached sports, I was always working against the time clock. My corporate career has taught me to be sensitive to deadlines, always managing my time to deliver an exceptional finished product. As a mother and wife, I recognize time spent doing the things that bring my family joy makes our connections stronger. Every family movie night, impromptu dance party, and a game of tag solidifies the time-stamped memories that I want my children to have forever.

In the world we live in everything is measured in time, social media platforms know exactly how long you were using their apps on your device. Your internet provider knows exactly how long you were online shopping and how long you looked at that meme before sharing it. What they recognize is the longer they have your time and attention the more they can influence you to do something. The same is true for our personal time, the more time we give to the things we care about the more influence those things have over our thoughts and decisions.

Stated plainly when you give time and resources to something you are feeding it. Every time you answer the phone when your friend calls you are feeding that relationship. Every time you choose to take the first step to push past your comfort zone and expand your horizons you are feeding your ambition. All of these have the potential to stimulate growth. I will caution you, growth is not immediate in most cases, but with patience it is inevitable.

Now that we see how this feeding and growing cycle works we have some choices to make, to harvest we must be intentional and invest time and resources in the things that we want to see manifest in our lives. This means we must decidedly let some things wither… Break up with whatever is not feeding you. Every moment you are awake you are feeding something, only you know if what you are feeding is what you want to grow. Make sure your first investment of time and resources are spent on you.

If you feed your passions and gifts they will grow. If you feed self-love and body positivity they will grow.

The opposite is also true. If you starve something of your time and resources, it will wither.

If you starve that unhealthy relationship it will wither. If you starve your fears they will wither.

Evaluate how you spend time and resources now while you still have time to multiply your harvest by asking yourself this question.

What did I do today that my future self will thank me for?

Declare your goals, write them down, make them the wallpaper on your phone so that every time you unlock your screen you ask yourself am I feeding these goals? Go into 2019 with a plan to feed your #GOALS. And for all the things that are just in your life but not feeding you, start the break up by saying but it’s not you, it’s me…

If this blog post sparked something in you but you are not sure how to put it together, I can help you apply these gems to your unique journey. DM me @_GemsfortheJourney_ on Instagram. #GemsfortheJourney #Whatyoufeedwillgrow #Comethrough2019

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