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What's on the money menu?

Do you order from a restaurant without ever seeing the menu? Do you avoid talking about salary and compensation when searching for a new job?

Great recruiters know how to provide compensation transparency without compromising their client. I’ve always wondered why some recruiters hold back information on compensation.

Avoiding discussing compensation actually hurts the job search. Pretending to be open to a job without factoring in the compensation for the sake of avoiding a difficult conversation doesn’t make sense in the long run. Avoiding talking about money delays the inevitable and risks wasting valuable time. When salary and compensation expectations are discussed before going through multiple interviews the recruiter and job seeker can get aligned or respectfully decide to move on, preventing wasting each other’s time. Cause we all know time is money.

For many job seekers it feels scary, they are worried about damaging the relationship or being perceived as "money hungry". I have also heard from many clients that sometimes finding the right words to balance getting the information and ensuring your time is not being wasted is the hardest part. Let me help with these three professional communication Gems to request compensation information:

1. I understand that job titles can have different compensation based on the company, what is the compensation range for this particular role?

2. Based on the job description I believe my skills are a good fit for the role, I’d like to make sure the compensation is also a fit for my skills. Can you share the compensation range?

3. I am currently looking for roles that incorporate salary and other compensation incentives based on performance. Can you share that information for this role?

Not knowing the salary and compensation information is like going to a restaurant and ordering without ever looking at the menu. Sure, they MIGHT have something you want… but they might not. If you look at the menu before you order you can make a POWER MOVE and decide if you want what they have to offer.

I'd love for the recruiter community to share their thoughts.

I am on a mission to help 10,000 women learn how to negotiate for more money!

I want you to be one of them! If you are not a woman there is still a role for you, we need all the allies we can get!

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