Building a Thriving Career

Career Power Moves: 5 Gems to Building a Thriving Career

Have you seen someone winning in their career and wondered how things seem to be working out so well for them? This guide provides 5 proven career coaching strategies to build a thriving career. No matter what career stage you’re in this guide is for you.

1. Build Self-Awareness

Take the time to learn more about you. What are you great at? What do you need to work on? What types of work do you get excited to do? The more you know about yourself the better you will be able to put yourself in position to succeed in your career. A great way to learn more is to take a self-assessment, when you take the time to learn the language of how you work best you set yourself up to win. There are lots out there, my top 3 are Myer’s Briggs, Strength Finder and DISC.

2. Get Your Hands Dirty

Do the work, day in and day out to learn your craft and develop your expertise to make yourself an asset. One way to make yourself an asset that works really well is to take on some “ugly” projects that other people have opted out of. This requires you to have vision and be ready to work hard. The upside is that the results are all yours. When you crush the ugly project that no one else wanted you learn new skills and you build credibility.

3. Build Communication

Communication is a core competency for +90% of roles as you elevate in your career. You benefit from building the skill early and authentically. Written and verbal communication are foundational but often overlooked so those that do them well stand out. When you communicate well it adds to your credibility and builds others confidence in you.

4. Take Calculated Risk

Calculated risk looks different for everyone because its dictated by your comfort zone. The goal is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. The only way for you to grow and reach your full potential is to do things that make you unco