Behind Every Great Woman…

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Black and brown women continue to amaze and impress me. There are so many deeply talented, empowering, brilliant, passionate, accomplished, beautiful, loving, powerful, black women that inspire me to hold my head high and represent us well. Let me pause to mention that it’s not lost on me that Beyoncé’s Coachella performance recently premiered on Netflix. If that does not scream greatness, then check for a pulse.

I was born into what I liketo call a “FEM TRIBE” I have cousins,sisters, mothers, grandmothers and aunts that by birth have been a backbone, integralto who I am. These women are my Day 1s, many of them knew me before I was bornso that’s like day negative 38 weeks! In addition to my family I feel trulyblessed to have a crème de la creme tribe of women that I have curated from allthe different stages of my life to inspire me, encourage me, build with me andkeep my secrets. I believe that these women have chosen me as much as I havechosen them and that our destinies brought us together with purpose. Ourcommitment to one another deeply enriches our lives. I consider myself fortunateto have them. They are my SHE SQUAD.

Do you have a squad? If the answer is yes, then I am preaching to the choir. Trust and respect are the currency that you trade in. You already know how it feels to have safe space, judgement free conversations that can start with talking trash and migrate to raw honest emotion about what lays ahead in life’s journey. You already know who you are going to call when you had a rough day or when you need the truth about how this outfit looks. The squad can be a reference for a potential new job, your shoulder to cry on when you have experienced a loss and all the way through to your partner in business.

The squad exists because they love you and ride for you, do your very best to avoid taking them for granted. Take the time to acknowledge your squad for what they mean to you. (Pause here for a text to your squad)