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We help professionals thrive in their careers. 

Gems for the journey is a mission driven career coaching consultancy serving talented individuals, organizations and institutions. 

Free Consultation
20 Min.

Our Services

Clapping Audience

Keynote speaking, expert panel discussions and facilitated workshops are just a few of the options that your organization can book Leah Murphy for. Leah has the powerful combination of  approachable authenticity, deep professional & entrepreneurial experience and high emotional intelligence that creates a compelling custom or signature presentation. 

Image by Jason Goodman

Our consultants have decades of corporate and non-profit expertise that they can use to help you solve your organizations problems. We provide comprehensive analysis and proven problem solving methodologies that lead to impact driving results.

In a Meeting

Group coaching sessions are perfect for new and existing teams that are looking to establish successful ways of working, driving collaboration and building team success.  Group coaching is specific to your industry and team culture. Each team is supported  with immediately applicable processes and solutions to deliver powerful results. 

Professional Woman

Individual coaching is perfect for professionals who are looking to proactively prepare themselves to make a career transition into a new role.  After completing the Ruby package you will have the tools to own your narrative and flawlessly position yourself well for your next big opportunity.

What Our Clients Say

"Leah’s quality of insights and clarity of communication have been invaluable in helping me simplify many complex decisions. Leah leverages her brilliant mind for strategy and her innate ability to form deep connections to help people see and unlock their full potential, while remaining focused on their true talents, passions and goals."

— Eric C., Operations Strategist

Let us navigate you, as you are the captain on this journey.

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